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Common Questions

  • I have been trying to eat a healthier diet. Will I be able to find a healthy food choice in the Bon Appétit café?
  • Can you tell me how many calories are in the foods in the Bon Appétit café?
  • How will you handle my concerns about a food allergy?
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Serving Students with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease

The dining services team is well-trained in food allergy awareness and offer a number of options for students with food allergies and celiac disease. This includes communication about and modification to existing menu items, special preparation of menu items, and access to special products as agreed upon with students.

Daily menus for each café can be accessed at or on the Transact Mobile Ordering App. Menu items that are appropriate options for most students with celiac disease are labeled as “made without gluten-containing ingredients” and can be filtered to streamline searching using the dietary preferences filter. Top-9 allergens are included in menu names and/or descriptions whenever possible. For individuals needing additional assistance our team works directly with students to craft personalized meals meeting their dietary needs. For more on eating with a food allergy in our café, visit this page. Further questions about ingredients can be answered by our trained managers/chefs on-site.

For questions about these services or to request food allergy accommodations, students should contact:

Harvey Smith, Resident District Manager
(408) 554-4796

Office of Accessible Education
(408) 554-4109

Dining Plans

Resident Dining Plans

The dining plan is a quarterly allocation of purchasing points. There is no predetermined number of meals per week, so you won’t lose out if you leave campus for a few days. First-years can only select from the Preferred or Basic Plan.  Sophomores can select from three plans, the Preferred, Basic and the Apartment Plan (if they are living in an apartment style accommodation).  Juniors and Seniors can select from four plans, either the Preferred, Basic, Junior/Senior Plan and the Apartment Plan (if living in an apartment style accommodation).

Each year, the dining plans include the respective number of points. Each point is equal to a dollar. For the 2022-2023 year the following plans will be:

Preferred Plan – 2,175 points per quarter
Basic Plan – 1,859 points per quarter
Junior/Senior Plan – 1,277 points per quarter
Apartment Plan – 278 points per quarter

At the end of fall and winter quarters up to 100 unspent points may carry over to the next quarter and be added to that quarter’s dining plan only if the student remains in on-campus housing. Any remaining unspent points will be forfeited to the university. Dining points do not carry over to the next academic year and there are no refunds. Forfeited resident dining points are reinvested by the university in the dining program and/or related facilities.

If you run out of dining points during a quarter you can add points to the Dining Plus Plan, which will allow you to continue purchasing food on campus tax-free.

Dining Plus Plan

For Resident AND Commuter Students

Are you a resident student who has run out of money on your resident dining plan before the end of the quarter?

Or are you a commuter student who is staying on campus during the day and eating at SCU dining venues?

If yes to either of these questions, then the Dining Plus Plan is for you. Simply add points to the Dining Plus Plan through the ACCESS Office, located in the Benson Memorial Center, or online. The Dining Plus Plan allows you to eat at all campus venues tax-free, saving 9% on each food purchase. The unspent balance carries over from quarter to quarter and year to year until graduation. Dining Plus points are non-refundable and non-transferable.